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Corporate Sustainability Pioneer & Award Winner visits Linden Foods

Recently Linden Foods hosted a visit from the Terry A’Hearn,
Chief Executive of the NI Environment Agency, Dr Paul Tebo
(retired VP of Du Pont) and a number of NIEA officials.
The purpose of the visit was to review the sustainability
programme at Linden Foods, and to consider ways to further
improve and strengthen the relationship between Linden Foods
and the NIEA to lead to bigger and better ‘wins’ for both the
business and the environment.
Mr A’Hearn, had invited Dr Paul Tebo along on the visit to
chair the discussions, and to stimulate debate. Dr Tebo has had
a long and distinguished career as Vice President of DuPont
and developed and implemented Du Ponts global sustainability
campaign. He has been noted internationally as a pioneer
of corporate sustainability, and is credited with delivering
DuPont from ‘foot-dragger’ to one of the most forward thinking
The day was a great success – with round table discussions in
the morning, looking at environmental impacts of the food
industry as a whole, and how Linden Foods plays its part in
reducing this footprint, whilst also considering longer term,
aspirational goals.
After the meeting, the visitors were given a tour around the
facilities. They all commented on how impressed they were
with the highly skilled staff, the efficiency of the process, and
quality of the product.
Tebo’s logic is compelling: “The quicker we get to zero waste, the
quicker we’ll have 100 percent product. The quicker we get to zero
downtime, the quicker we’ll be at 100 percent uptime.”
Tery A’hearn was appointed Chief executive of the NIEA in
October 2012, having served in a number of management
and executive roles in the Environmental Protection Agency
in Victoria, Australia. Under his leadership, the NIEA have
changed their Mission Statement to ‘To create prosperity and
well-being through environment and heritage excellence’.
Operations Director, Paul Johnston commented: “We
were very pleased to be able to accommodate the visit, and
the discussions around the wider sustainability agenda. We
firmly believe that through GreenTrack, Linden Foods is making
important strides in the direction of ‘Sustainable Growth”.

Pictured (L-R): Dr Paul Tebo (former VP DuPont), Paul Johnston, Retail Ops Director, Terry A’Hearn
(Chief Executive of the NIEA) Richard Moore, Linden Foods Director