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Our Policy

Policy Statement

Linden Foods is a market leader in the fresh meat processing industry, sourcing and processing top quality beef and lamb for customers throughout Europe.

We are aware of the important difference our company can make, and we endeavour to operate responsibly in all we do. The below constitutes our Policy statement on how we aim to undertake our activities and processes in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our Environment:

We are aware of the impact our activities and processes can have on the environment, we wish to exert strong levels of control on the significant areas for our industry ultimately driving reductions in Carbon and water footprints, and operating as efficiently as we are able.

Our Colleagues & Communities:

Our people are one of our most valuable assets contributing to the success of the business and we are committed to offering them all a safe, rewarding and challenging workplace with lots of opportunities for further training and development. We ensure we are in full compliance with ethical codes with regards to welfare and operate an environment where all employees are to be treated with dignity and respect. The health and wellbeing of every employee is important and throughout their time at the company they will have access to the occupational nurse and membership of their own personal healthcare plan.

We have established close links with a number of local colleges and universities providing their students with the opportunity to learn more about our industry and company and equip them with skills that will help them as they develop into their future career. We work to support both the global and local communities in which we operate, with annual fundraising events for nominated charities.

Our Agriculture:

By working closely with our farmers we will promote efficient beef and lamb production from sustainable farming practices. We will lead by example to ensure the highest possible standards in all aspects of animal welfare and environmentally friendly farming: whilst endeavouring to work with all its partners to develop a truly sustainable supply chain.

Our Customers & their Customers:

Food quality and safety is paramount. We will work to continue to enhance both whilst minimising waste, improving efficient use of packaging, and contributing to improved shelf lives, reducing waste on behalf of our customers and theirs.